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Tulla Tweed

Tulla Tweed is a modern blend of fibres featuring merino wool & recycled cotton which self-stripes when knitted, and also features a tasteful tweed fleck! It is a chainette construction (the base yarn of Tulla Tweed is very fine - to create a thicker yarn this fine base is braided like an I-cord to create a casing with a hollow centre) which creates garments that are lightweight, less likely to pill, and exceedingly warm as heat is trapped inside the hollow core. When designing with a Tulla Tweed, Louisa has applied the rule of working with chainette yarns using a larger size needle than you would for a traditionally plied yarn to create the same gauge – this gives the yarn room to stretch. If you use the same needle size as a traditionally plied yarn the resulting fabric would be too dense. When substituting Tulla Tweed in another pattern it’s very important to swatch, especially if using it for a pattern that uses a more traditionally constructed worsted spun yarn.

Tulla Tweed
49% Virgin Wool26% Recycled Cotton13% Nylon (polyamide)8% Acrylic4% Viscose
Country of origin: Italy
Suggested  US 10
Knits to 18 stitches over 4in