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Oxford Rug Punchneedle

From Oxford Company
The Oxford Punch Needle was designed for comfort and speed. Its special features include a wide lip to rest your fingers on while pressing down and a "bump" on the handle that gives you something to pull up on, reducing hand strain. Comes with a 28 page instruction book and stitch gauge.

Size 10
Makes a 1/4 inch loop. Suitable for bulky weight yarns.

Size 14
Makes a 1/8 inch loop. The Mini makes a short loop that looks similar to needlepoint. Use with worsted weight knitting yarn, tapestry yarn or #3 cut strips of fabric (3/32in). Can be worked on monk's cloth or directly on wool fabric. This needle works well with worsted weight yarns.

  • Made of: Metal and Wood
  • Use: Punchneedle
  • Included: 1 Punchneedle

Niche Item
Not in Chains
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