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WanderKnit Kit - Patagonia

Come travel with us!
We cordially invite you to pack your project bags and join us as we explore the many inspiring and colorful corners of the globe! Discover, learn, and become inspired by our destination themed quarterly WanderKnit™ packages.

Each package includes an assortment of items such as a themed button, project tag, destination-inspired patterns, a tasty treat, and a colorful brochure filled with location-centric facts. 

A custom WanderKnit™ tote bag is available for purchase separately featuring a map of the world. Commemorate each destination by sewing your button to your tote bag’s map; the more you travel with us, the more buttons will adorn your bag

Traveling through Patagonia, we explore a region of rugged mountain peaks, massive glaciers, and plentiful wildlife including penguins and hardy highland sheep. Two hats and a bandana cowl are shown in colors that reflect the land and seascapes of the area. Each piece, made with HiKoo® Highland Lux, will keep you toasty and warm on your next outdoor adventure!

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